Something about those early years of knowing Jesus that makes me want to go back and re-live those days. I would stay in church for at least 2 to 3 services on a Sunday, I would read my Bible for hours even if I didn’t understand it. I would secretly hope the worship leader would sing one more song. So, that I could worship Him a little while longer.

[pull_quote align=”left”]Prayer was a pleasure, church was a delight and obedience came easy.[/pull_quote]

All of it had disappeared after a few years. Everything seemed so “Dry”. The sermons are too long, the choir can’t sing one line in tune. And the AC in the building is horrible. Why can’t the pastor fix the AC?

Sounds like familiar tale? I have been in this place several times.

What made the difference? Something had changed. It was not the pastor, or the choir or even the building. It was me. I had changed, let me be a little more specific. I had lost the zeal of a new born believer. Simply put I was no longer hungry for God. Hunger is most evident in our lives when we first meet Jesus as our lord and savior and I lost that hunger and thirst for God.

I had replaced hunger with an appearance of Godliness while denying its power. I faked being hungry for God, when I really was not. Compromise replaced consecration. Prayer was a struggle and the Bible was untouched for weeks if not months.

Sin was easy, hypocrisy seemed comfortable and playing church became second nature.

Jesus make me hungry again!

Hunger the quintessential quality of a lover of God. There are many ways you can check, if you are walking with God or not. The most obvious one is your hunger for God.  We can pray, fast and read our Bibles and still lack hunger. Hunger goes beyond the rituals of a healthy Christian life.

[pull_quote align=”left”]Divine hunger makes us obsessed with one person, Jesus.[/pull_quote]

I can teach you many things, but I cannot teach you how to be hungry. Hunger is internal. It is our body and spirit craving for God. Only God can restore our hunger and first love for His presence.

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