In my first post, I wrote about the affects of leadership failure. You can click on this link to read that post.Today I’d like to focus on how to respond to leadership failure. I want to break them down into four points.

Do not resort to hatred

I can’t be any more explicit. There is just too much hatred in the church toward fallen leaders and this attitude has to change. No matter what the sin is; if the leader repents of it, God is faithful to forgive him and cleanse him. If God doesn’t have a problem in calling him a ‘son,’ why should we shy away from forgiving him?

I’m not suggesting that we should accommodate, accept or overlook the sin. But we must lovingly, gently and biblically restore the leader to God and his purpose.

Let’s love our leaders! They have served us faithfully in our moments of weakness and struggles. It’s only fair we show them the God kind of love, when they are in crisis.












Pray! Pray! Pray!

Often preached and seldom followed is the sermon on prayer. I can’t think of a more powerful way to help a struggling leader than consistently praying for him and let him know that he is in my prayers. Prayer is supernatural. It transcends human efforts and invites the divine into the natural.

Develop a prayer support group. Come together and pray!

Do not excommunicate

Let’s go deeper. One of the scariest things that can happen to a pastor is when his own church does not want to talk to him or fellowship with him. Share a family meal or make time to accommodate him in an encouraging group conversation.

We must remember the shame and guilt that comes upon a leader after a character failure is huge. They may become lonely or even depressed. Healthy fellowship is a God-send.

Financial support

Post a moral failure one of the worst affected areas for a leader is funds. Most, if not all, partners withdraw support. This could be devastating especially if the leaders have a family to support.

I do not contest that we are suppose to sow our hard earned money in good soil and into a ministry that is biblical and has a clean slate. However, mercy and compassion will go a long way in demonstrating the love of Christ to a fallen minister than a financial crisis.

Have you worked with fallen leaders? how else can we help them ? Share your comments!

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