We live in a time and season where failure in church leadership has become the norm. Barely a year goes by without the news agencies reporting either a moral failure or financial misconduct in the church. In this post, I want to write about what is at stake when heroes fall.

The Church Loses Credibility

When moral failures and scandals keep rocking the church constantly, people lose trust and respect for the institution. It’s a sad state of affairs, when an institution’s purpose is to be a stepping stone to God and spirituality becomes a stumbling block to the ones who are part of it.

We need role-models in the church. The church needs leaders who don’t just bring a good sermon but who live the good sermon. Godly husbands, fathers and friends are the need of the hour. We have created platforms for public success without considering private lives.

Name of the Lord is Compromised

Men of God are ambassadors. They represent God! The world looks at them for hope and inspiration. Christ is the eternal hope and emblem of inspiration. However, it often begins with a man or a church that starts us off on that journey.

When leaders of public recognition fail, the name of the Lord is dragged into the controversy and often it is held in low light. It’s profoundly sad.

I sometimes wonder if we have lost track of the awesome honor we have to represent the Creator of all things. Scriptures say, the name of the Lord is holy. We must strive to be pure reflectors of His name and presence.

The Wrong Precedent

People follow leaders. In many ways leaders set standards and benchmarks. When the standards fall short of the requirements set in the word of God, we become lukewarm leaders. When we are in a place of influence, our lifestyle becomes an example. Without our knowledge we give people the permission to imitate us. It’s dangerous to have influence and to be a poor steward of it.

My dear leaders, consider your lofty place of power and responsibility. Use it with godly fear and wisdom. Know that people are watching you on and off the stage. Strive to be like Jesus in this generation, always mindful to give Him the glory and praise and honor.

I hope this post has blessed you and spoke to your heart. Will you take a minute to pray for our leaders and the church today ? I would love to see your comments, so do share your heart with me. Let’s grow together!

The cure for the disease is when the church owns up to its problem and starts seeking the Lord for restoration of honor and godly fear in the church.

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