Some time ago the Lord started teaching me about “how to change your situation.” Today I want to write about it. No matter where your life is right now, you can change it for good. You could be in a struggling marriage, in a financial mess or you could be a  emotional  wreck.However bad the situation is, God wants you to know YOU can change it. In this post I will write about one key, that will reposition your life for victory and blessings.


 All you need is a Word from God!

Genesis 1:2 records “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep…. God said ‘Let there be light’…”

From this scripture we understand that the situation was dark, void and negative. This could be the description of  your life right now. Let’s learn from God how He dealt with the situation.  God did not fight with darkness or negativity. Instead He released a Word and the Word changed the situation. He said “let there be Light” and that Word changed the circumstances on Earth. Beloved the secret to changing your situation is hearing Heaven and declaring that over your situation. What is God saying about your situation? If you can hear that, I promise you, your situation will change.

God works through His Word, The solution to every life situation is wrapped in His Word. With all your getting get the Word. Every blessing God released He released through the Word of His mouth. So don’t go looking for the blessing instead search for His Voice. Search the scriptures till it becomes a living Word in you. Read it till the Word jumps out of the page and leaps into your spirit.

Let’s look at few more examples.

Jesus and the disciples were in the boat. A storm comes knocks the life out of that little boat, now the disciples are fearful and doubtful because of the storm. Jesus arises He spoke a Word. He said peace and that Word changed the situation. Calmness and peace wad restored to the tumultuous sea. The Word Jesus spoke was pregnant with peace, When He released the Word. The Word released peace.

If you observe every miracle that Jesus performed during His Earthly ministry, you will notice He released a Word before the Miracle manifested. Study the new testament it’s full of examples how a the Word preceded a miracle or a blessing. Abram was a childless man, God comes to the scene calls him Abraham – father of many nations. He released a Word over his life and the Word brought forth Isaac. Jacob was deceiver and a cheater, God comes to the scene calls him Israel. He released a Word over his life and that Word changed his personality.

There is power in the Word of God. If you can hear his Voice and declare His voice, your world will respond to your Word.

I hope this short post blessed your heart. I love hearing from you. Each comment encourages me to continue writing.

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