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Hope you guys had a great week so far, last week we concluded the destiny series. If you haven’t read those posts I would encourage you go and read them cause in them you will find vital information on how to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

In today’s post I’d like to talk about success. It means different things to different people. To a mother it could be raising her children and see them prosper, for a business man it could be striking an annual profit for x no of dollars. To an evangelist it could the no of people that say “yes” to his altar call or to a pastor it could be the no of registered members in his church. So it means different things to different people depending on what is most important to them.

In this post I’d like to communicate few pointers as to how do Christians measure success? It is so important that we define success as Christians else we can be running after the wrong goals and assume this is success.

Success is doing God’s will

As simple as it is, being in the centre of God’s will and doing what you were born to do I believe is being successful. The success of a product is measured against the purpose it was created for. Similarly if we have to get a true assessment of how successful we are, we ought to measure ourselves against the purpose God created us for. If it God’s will for me to pastor a church of 20 people in a village in India, doing just that is being successful in God’s eye. Being successful has nothing to do with how famous you are or how many people know your name. It doesn’t matter how many nations I have traveled and how many awards I have won outside of God’s will. Being in the centre of God’s will is the most successful place in life.

Success is transforming into the image of Christ

This one aspect alone can become the very essence of life. To become like Jesus. Every Christian irrespective of which denomination they belong to have a common call to become like Him. From the wealthiest to the poorest all have a common agenda in life to be transformed in to the likeness Christ. To bear the fruit of the Spirit and demonstrate the love of God to all mankind. Success is gradually being changed into the very likeness and the image of Christ. If people can observe our life style and see Jesus in it we have lived a very successful life.

Whose life have you touched?

The greatest sense of fulfillment comes when our efforts make a difference in somebody’s life. If we measure success by the no of people’s life we change and impact then I wonder who would be the world’s most successful person.

I’d like to stop with that bit for today, but before I leave you to your thoughts, I urge every body to reflect on what you have just read and see if these three attribute contribute to your success definition.

I love hearing from you, so don’t forget to leave a comment on the post 🙂

Love and Prayers

Hari Rao

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