Dear friends and partners,

I hope this post finds you walking closely to Jesus. I have just returned from a town called Latur in Maharastra after three days of fruitful ministry. It was a joy to see people flood the altar to give their lives to Jesus. Thank you for praying and standing by the vision of this ministry.

Today I want to write about something that I think is important for each christian ministry to consider and evaluate. I have been thinking about some factors that determine the success of a meeting. Some meetings seem to bear more fruit and look more powerful while some tend to be a drag and dry. So what makes a conference success or fruitful.

So here are few thoughts that should help us determine if a meeting was successful.

1. Did the meeting fulfil God’s will and purpose
2. Was it conducted in the spirit of Excellence
3. What is the output of the meeting
4. Did it build the local body of Christ
5. Did it make people hungry for God
6. Was Jesus glorified
7. Was the presence of the Holy Spirit tangible

Did the conference fulfil God’s purpose for that hour?

Each organiser should have a sense of Godly purpose and agenda for each conference else it will be an uncounted effort. It is so important that we do things in the will of God.
whether it be a small prayer meet of five people or a massive crusade 5000 people it should accomplish its purpose.If each meet would be initiated,sustained and finished in the will of God then there is no doubt that the meeting was a success.

Was it conducted in the spirit of Excellence ?

A work void of the spirit of excellence is an insult to the work of the Gospel. Its a myth that excellence can be achieved only if we have a lot of money. the pursuit of excellence is not dependent on money but the attitude of the human heart. Lets remember we are ambassadors of a heavenly kingdom.

What is the output of the meeting?

Although it is difficult to measure all that is achieved in a christian meeting by the work of the Holy Spirit. There is merit in observing certain obvious factors like the no of people who dedicated their lives to Jesus. Healing testimonies, Life changing encounters. If funds were raised for specific purpose. These stats will help bring in a sense of accountability and prove to be a great motivational factor for those working behind the scenes.

Did it build the local body of Christ ?

All great conferences and gatherings have one thing in common they bless the local body of Christ immensely. Conferences become a point for people from different churches and denominations to connect and worship together. The local church will have more souls added to its community. This is of vital importance.

Did it make people hungry for God?

When great meetings conclude the effects of it are felt long after its conclusion. People go back hungry for more of God. They cant wait to start praying or tell somebody about Jesus. This is a litmus test.

Was Jesus glorified ?

Whether in a hut or a tent, On a street or in a stadium, with one person or with a million. There is only one name that has to be lifted up and that is Jesus. any other motive or intent is demonic. Our conferences and meetings have to Glorify Jesus. Any other ulterior motive should be dealt with severely. From the pulpit to the pew, from the Altar to the overflow. everything must Glorify Jesus.

Was the presence of the Holy Spirit tangible

What a waste of time and effort it will be to put up a meeting and waste it by not allowing the the presence of the Holy Spirit to move and touch lives. The presence of God is the greatest blessing a meeting can have.

Thank you for taking the time to read before you go leave a comment behind and lets us know what you thought about this post.

Love and regards
Hari Rao

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