Hello Dear Partners and Friends,

It’s a joy to be writing to you again. Well it’s been a while since I last blogged. Although I did make several attempts to put my thoughts down on paper and I was partially successful on a few occasions. However I was not led to publish any of them. My last blog was about running for Revival and I have a couple of follow up posts.I will post them on a later day.

Seasons of Silence

Every once in a while in our walk with God we will come to a place where heaven is distant or at least it seems to be and God has gone on the silent mode like our mobile phones. We know He is there but He is quiet. These seasons can be trying and difficult. Especially when you need to hear from Him on critical matters or you just need the assurance that everything will be fine. I call them seasons of silence. Ever been there? Its painful right?

While in such seasons where your prayer life is dry and monotonous and life seems a drag and everything seems purposeless. The worst thing that could happen is for us to enter a storm of life. May be death of a loved one, separation from a dear friend, controversy, sin and sickness, a break up, divorce the list is never ending.

Such season could be confusing, frustrating and full of doubt. How we respond to such seasons is of vital importance. Here are few lessons I have learnt from my season of silence.

Always Praise Him

Although everything in us may cause us to doubt and be anxious. I have realized there is more power in Worship than murmuring. If you are in a difficult season learn to praise Him. Even when you don’t feel like, Lets be like Job in the Bible who said “you give and take away, blessed be you Name”.

Always Trust Him

It can be difficult when you don’t see or hear the person that you have pinned all your hopes and dreams on. We feel like the disciples in the boat when a storm came and ravaged the little ferry. Their screams and shouts of help were in vain. Jesus seemed unaware of the danger. But what we don’t realize is if your boat has Jesus then no storm from hell can sink your boat. Will you intentionally decide to trust him today.

Learn from the Season

These seasons have important life lessons, don’t miss them, if we do then we wasted the season. It was in His darkest season the most powerful prayer was uttered “Not my will But your will be done” One of my favorite portion of scripture is Pslam 51 it was written in a time of repentance and guilt by David. Learn from your seasons of silence.

I hope you found this post useful, i’m sure there are other vital lessons that you can add to this post. Let me know what you think about the post.

Hari Rao

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