Running For Revival 2

Hello Partners and Friends,

I have been wanting to publish today’s post for about two months now, but never really got the time do so. I hope you enjoy this post, Its second in the series Running for Revival.
I want to write about a few keys that will help us create the atmosphere of Revival around us. Remember there has to be Revival in us before Revival can be around us.

Creating the Culture of Heaven

As it is in Heaven let be on Earth…. Matt 6:10

The Culture we follow is the Culture we will create. If the culture we follow is characterized by mediocrity,sin, bondage,sickness and apathy then this is the culture we will create, But if we beg to differ and begin to follow the culture of Heaven then our culture will be full of God,holiness,impossibilities and miracles etc. Isn’t it amazing that just by the virtue of us being a part of Heaven’s culture He will give us the privilege of re-creating the same culture where ever we go. It is time we elevate our lifestyles to measure up to the culture of heaven. The Apostles never struggled to perform miracles. In the new testament church culture the miraculous was normal. Church growth was never an issue because it was normal for them to see hundreds saved and added to the church daily. Its sad to see that a lot of the perceptions and beliefs of the Church are influenced by the world and its fallen systems. While in reality God wants us to rise to a place where the world can look at us & emulate us. we need a lifestyle alteration.

Now Lets examine the Culture of Heaven

Jesus is Lord and Exalted above every other name

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name, Phil 2:9

Christ has to take pre-eminence in our lives. He has to be exalted above and over every other name. A life that is constantly lifting Jesus up and has an inerrant desire to see Him in the highest place is critical in duplicating Heaven on Earth. Its a non-negotiable in the Culture of Heaven. All of Heaven responds to the Lordship of Jesus.

Worship saturates the Atmosphere of Heaven

…Day and night they never stop saying: “‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty…

What an amazing place to be in, day and Night for eternity there are beings that will never cease to Worship Jesus. Worship is probably the single most important aspect of hosting God’s Presence. Loving Jesus and being lost in Worship is a pre-requisite for creating the atmosphere of Heaven. Lets learn to make worship our lifestyle.

Heaven is full of Sinners but without sin

Heaven as several sinners who are saved and washed by the blood of Jesus but there is no trace of sin or disobedience. Sin disconnects us from the presence of Jesus. If we have to see Revival in our generation we cannot do it with sin thriving in our life. We need to come to a place where the Holy Spirit can deal with our weakness and sins. creating a culture of Holiness is mandatory to see the presence of Jesus move in all its power.

In this post I have shared three aspects of Heaven that are most obvious to me. I hope to write more on the subject as and when I learn from the Holy Spirit. Share your thoughts and perspectives to add more value to this blog post.

Love and Prayers
Hari Rao

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