Dear Partners and friends,

Its a joy to be writing to you again and be able to speak in to your lives through this blog. We have had a very fruitful and blessed time of ministry in June and July. Souls were saved and lives were touched and transformed. Thank you for praying and standing with the vision of this ministry to prepare this generation for the coming of the King of Kings.

Today I want to start a series of posts on the subject ‘Running for Revival’. I believe these posts will trigger greater hunger in us and will cause us to pray like never before. I want to declare to you we are running into the greatest and the biggest move of God this planet has ever seen, The dial on the clock of heaven is ticking away and coming ever so close to a time and a season where we will see God move in this generation in a fashion that is beyond the grasp of the human mind. It is with this vision in mind that I write these posts to equip us for the move of God that is on its way.

Personal Consecration

It doesn’t matter who we are and how big we are with out personal consecration unto God there cannot be revival in our lives. If we study any man of God in the Bible or in History who did anything worth mentioning, we notice this person had separated themselves unto God. Be it Enoch, Moses,David,Elijah,Isaiah or John the Baptist all of them personified a lifestyle that put God above everything else. I love what Bill Johnson says “If we have History with God, He will make History through us”. I believe God is calling this generation to a single minded,unwavering & undivided devotion to Jesus. He is looking for people who will make their lives about Jesus. Separated to God.


One day I sat down and pondered what will my generation be remembered for? Will it be remembered for the Apple IPHONEs and IPODS, or the Internet and the information revolution. Will it be known for Terrorism and Osama Bin Laden. What will MY GENERATION BE REMEMBERED FOR? Then I whispered a prayer that went something like this “Lord My Generation will be remembered for its Love for Jesus. My generation will be remembered as the generation that saw the greatest move of God and My generation will be remembered as the Generation that did not fail God!”

Will you join me in making this prayer a reality ? Can I invite you to a lifestyle of radical love and Devotion to Jesus? Can I invite you to RUN FOR REVIVAL IN YOUR GENERATION?

Consumed by the Call
Hari Rao

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