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Have you heard of a lamp shade? They are specially designed to reduce the light that is let into the room. They call it indirect lighting.

Sun is an example of direct light. There are no shades that stops its ray from emitting its full light. Man made shelters act as a protection from the powerful rays of sun.

Interestingly God calls us to be the light. This light that we are called to be is more powerful than the afternoon sun. In this light no darkness can stay. No perversions of the enemy can stand in this light. Sickness has to give away. Sin hides in shame.



When this Light was let to shine in all its fullness, fragile men and women like us, changed nations. The light of God that shined through Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Kathryn Kulhman, Charles Finney and the likes are great examples of what the light in us can do. Cancers, tumors, deafness, blindness, crippling spirits and even the spirit of death itself were blinded by this light had to flee before these people.

They allowed the light to shine so bright till no darkness around them could comprehend it.

Can we face the fact that we are yet to see the fullness of God’s light shining all around us?

What are the shades and blockades that prevent the light of God from fully manifesting it’s GLORY and POWER through your life?

Take a minute to ponder.

Is the light in you shining to its full potential? The more the shades, the lesser the power of God that manifests through you.

It could be anger, un-forgiveness, bits of jealousy, pride, lust, lies! Whatever it is put it to death every single day till it has no more place in you.

Intentionally practice love, joy, peace, long-suffering – even when those feelings are against your will!

Then the actual fullness of God’s power will begin to overflow and manifest through you (even without any deliberate efforts- think about it!)

Arise and Shine.

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