Purpose of problems

Sitting in the front pew of my church, listening to my pastor preach on problems in life I was amazed by the understanding my pastor brought to us through the sermon. While listening to him suddenly the Holy Spirit began to brew few thoughts in my mind which I believe will help somebody reading this post. So here goes …

Problems have an expiry date

when you walk in to a department store and pick a product like maggie noodles, coke or biscuits on the cover you will find a line that will read something like best before 6 months or 7 months or 45 days….this time period denotes shelf life. You see each product has a shelf life. Shelf life is an indication of how long a product can survive or is good. Shelf life will tell you how long the product will last, in another words what they are saying is that this thing you bought will not last forever.

Similarly in life we will have problems and different people have different problems. Some have problems with addictions, some have marital problems, some at school others at work. All of us have problems, anybody born of the womb of a woman will at some time have problems. But the good news is this YOUR PROBLEMS HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE THEY DONT LAST FOREVER. ONLY GOD AND HIS WORD ARE ETERNAL. Dear friend if you are going through a crisis I want to encourage you by saying don’t give up. Your problem has an expiry date.sickness,addictions,emotional problems whatever the nature of the problem it has an expiry date. Draw near to God and His word because they are eternal. In Christ you will find solutions and strength. When you cling to Jesus and His word you will realize problems cannot stop you.

Your promotion is connected to your Problem

many a times but not always you will find this pattern in the word. Every time God wants to lift you up He will connect you to a problem and when you provide divine solutions God will honour you with Divine promotion. Think of Joseph God connected him to a national problem the King could not find anybody to interpret his dream, Joseph by divine help explained the dream to the king and you know the story Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt. God connected David to another problem by name Goliath. When David killed Goliath it made way for him to eventually become the king. Study the scriptures you will find several such stories of divine promotions. Dear friend sometimes problems come in to your life to connect you to solutions and eventually move you to the next level. The key is this if your are faced with a problem take time to seek solutions in the presence God. Problems are common in the human realm solutions are common in the God realm. Learn to spend time in the presence of God. For every problem man has Jesus has a solution.

Will write more abt this next week…

till then God bless share this blog with a fren they may need it ….

Love you all
Hari Rao

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