Purpose of problems – part 2

Today i want to continue from where i stopped last week.I wrote the last blog purpose of problems pt 1 not knowing how people will react to it but in hind sight I’m glad i wrote it because it helped somebody.It such a blessing to know that God will use the words of your mouth to bless and encourage somebody on the otherside of the planet. Here goes few more thoughts on the same subject …..

Fight or Flight?

When wild animals are attacked by predators or bigger animals they normally have two reactions either to flight or to fight. To flight is to accept that the predator is to big and run away from the place. Fight is to stand your ground and put up a confrontation against the attacking animal. In many ways i feel our reactions to life and its problems are similar. Most of us when confronted by a problem we’ll either choose to stay our ground and fight or accept defeat and runaway.

Dear child of God it is our heavenly father’s desire that we be more than conquerors in Christ. It His will that we experience freedom and victory in all areas of life. No matter how big the problem looks Our God is mighty to deliver us. You see God will give us the grace to win if we are willing to be with him in the battle. Too many times we chicken out. Think of David and Saul, they had a common problem called Goliath. Saul adopted the flight mentality and never fought on the other hand though ill equipped David confronted Goliath and you know the story He killed the Giant.Victory belongs to them that are relentless and are willing to fight for their God given blessing.somebody say amen.

I recently heard of a 94 year old woman who graduated and completed her degree. If she can graduate at 94 I bet you can pass your maths exam at 23 provided you don’t runaway from the constant stare of failure.May be you are the only one saved at home and getting back home is your worst nightmare, you been praying and fasting for them to be saved but they only seem to get more heathen, when everything in you wants to runaway from your house it takes a woman or man of faith to stay in the house and still love your family to pieces when all they can do is curse you.
May be you are stuck in an abusive marriage and you have prayed, sort Godly counsel and tried everything and all has failed miserably and you are left with two options either to fight for your marriage or give up and file for divorce. To give up would be an easier option but I beseech you today by the mercies of God don’t give up because God is not finished with you or your marriage. With God all things are possible. It takes faith in God to stay when everything is crumbling.

Its Time to stand up

God is raising a generation that will not quit but it will stand its ground and FIGHT for HIS cause.God is looking for Daniels that wont run from the lion’s den, God is looking for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednegoes that wont run away from the furnace. We have too many sissy Christians today, God is raising an army of warriors that are strong and mighty.

Closing words

Everyday in life when confronted with problems you will have two options either to flight or fight. Dont quit cause God always comes through. Victory is yours in Christ Jesus if you stay.

Grace to all
Hari Rao

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