It may feel like you have been damaged or broken beyond repair. Rejection makes us question everything, including God!

And it’s OK to feel like that. It’s painful because it was real for you, so the pain is only an indication that you were wholly committed to something or someone. The pain only reveals how deeply you felt about something, so it is OK to be moved so profoundly.

Embrace the unpredictable

The worst thing you can do is put your heart on the fast lane to recovery. Don’t compare yourself to someone who took no time to get over rejection and returned to socially acceptable norms, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same or are flawed if you take longer.

Pretending to be fine is not going to help you. The key to overcoming rejection is being honest with yourself.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”] The key to overcoming rejection is being honest with yourself.[/tweetthis]

In this case, healing is not a destination, it’s a journey!

You are going to go back and forth. One day you are going to be fine and other days you are going to feel like a mess. Emotional peaks and troughs are part of coping with hurt. Your brain is designed to react to memories, images and thoughts a certain way. Until your brain finds a coping mechanism, you will be taken on an emotional roller coaster.

One thing you want to remind yourself constantly is this, none of this is permanent, this too shall pass.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”] None of this is permanent, this too shall pass.[/tweetthis]

Get it out of your system

While I wish all of us were singers and pop artists who could belt out albums that would fetch us millions for all the pain we have been handed in life, not all of us are carved for that kind of musical stardom (at least not me).

But that shouldn’t stop us from articulating what is locked up inside us.

All the toxic emotions of anger, betrayal, pain and helplessness are best outside your system. Writing, painting, music or anything else, just find a medium to get it out. It doesn’t have to be for public eyes, give the pain a direction, let your pain put on purpose.

Share everything with at least one person

In a season like this, a confidant is sacred. You need that one friend who knows everything. A friend who will listen, empathize and hold you accountable, but not share your pain as a mockery.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”] You need that one friend who knows everything.[/tweetthis]

Don’t believe everything your mind and heart tells you

Your mind is going to create hypothetical situations that are never going to happen. It’s going to invent theories, images, possibilities and it is going to exaggerate the truth. Don’t believe all the things your mind is going to conjure up. They are not always true.

Don’t quit on your passions

Pain has a habit of disabling our greatest passions. Don’t stop! Push through the pain and stay persistent with your passions. And eventually your love for something will defeat the pain caused by another. Your passion will overpower your pain, just stick with it, even when you don’t feel like.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”] And eventually your love for something will defeat the pain caused by another.[/tweetthis]

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