It’s 16 days into the new year, I’m confident many of us have made new year resolutions and most of us have already broken them. It’s the case every year. A study shows most New Year resolutions are broken within the first week of the year.

In this post, I want to share with you three keys that have helped me move beyond resolutions.

1. Get a Mentor

This may sound very surprising, but it’s true. My life has changed drastically from the day I submitted to a Godly mentor. Find someone you respect, love and who has done what you aspire to do in life and get under their wing. There are both spiritual and practical blessings included.

A word of caution be wise and careful while asking someone to mentor you. Submitting to the wrong person may make things worse for you. Read my post on 5 qualities of a Mentor here

2. The attitude of your heart will determine the atmosphere of your life

My pastor once said, “Our attitude will determine, our altitude”

The biggest difference between achievers and non-achievers is their attitude. Attitude molds your outlook and perspectives in life. When Moses sent 12 spies to Canaan, 10 saw the giants of the land and 2 saw the possibilities in the land. 10 saw the size of the giants and the other 2 saw the size of the God they served. The attitude of our heart determines the atmosphere of our life.

We can’t choose what happens in life all the time, but we can choose how we respond to them.

Even if storms come our way this year, let’s make up our minds that we will smile through these storms. Problems may come but we will praise our way through those problems. God is never moved with facts but He is moved by faith. Let this year be full of hope, faith and positivity.

3. Be a doer

The Bible emphatically declares in Psalm 1 “whatsoever he does it prospers.” Too many keep talking about their dreams and the dozens of prophecies,they have got over the years. There is no glory in just talking, we have to step out and attempt and do. God can only bless what we attempt. The water did not become wine in the container; it became wine along the way when the servants were carrying the water to the chief guest.

We can’t walk on water and have the security of the boat at the same time. History makers are people of action. If it’s important to you then put some effort and work behind the dream. Work on the dream and the dream will work for you.

Leave a comment behind and tell us what you want to accomplish in 2013 and what challenges have you faced while trying to accomplish your goals

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