Ministers of Fire,

John saw Jesus and fell as though he was dead. When John fell the Old man that was still living inside of him fell down. That old tired, persecuted, weary, and abandoned John fell with him and when Jesus touched John and he arose it was just not another man getting up. When Jesus touched John the next 20 chapters of revelation arose with him. He was about to write the Next 2000 years of Church History. He was about to prophecy the Spiritual Status of the End time Church.

My God he was in another realm. In 67 AD he saw how 2008 AD looked like. He saw you, me, and the entire Church. All this while the Church in Jerusalem saw Jesus as the Lamb of God that had suffered but now the Seven Churches were about to get a new revelation of Who the Creator God was He no longer was the Carpenter from Galilee he was the one who said let there be Galilee. Now He is the Bright and the Morning Star He is the Lamb seated beside Throne of God they saw him as the soon returning King of Kings. He is the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end, the first and the last. The one who holds the Seven stars in his Hands the one whose eyes were like the Flames of Fire. The One who came riding on the White Horse to put the Devil into the Bottom less pit. They saw him as the One before whom all the angels and the elders bowed down to. Dear Lord visit us again Grant us an Audience with you. Dear Holy Spirit Give us a fresh glimpse of the Lord Jesus.

My Bible says John was in the Spirit in the day of the Lord he was rooted and Grounded in the Word of God he was an obedient shepherd. Dearly beloved if today were to be the Day of the Lord where are you? Are you in the HolyGhost are you in the Spirit? John didn’t say I was in the Club or in the World or somewhere else…. He said I was in The Spirit. You see John had a lot to complaint about, he was persecuted and abandoned he was put in a pot that was boiling with oil but he survived he was separated from His Local Church and family, he was all alone he had all the reasons to be sorrowful and cast down but My Bible does not say that. it says he was in the Spirit. He was Vigilant. He was expectant. He was persistent he was faithful to the word and the task the Lord had given him.

I don’t know where you are but decide today that you will be in the Spirit all the time. If you want to go where no man has gone see what no one else has seen and do what no man has done you need to be in the Spirit. Let the old John that is still leaving inside of you Die and let the New John arise in Jesus name

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