About Hari Rao

Hari Rao is one of India’s leading Christian evangelists and an anointed prophetic voice in this generation. He is a sought after speaker at Gospel Crusades and conferences as his ministry has led tens of thousands of people to find faith and purpose in Christ Jesus.

As an itinerant speaker, he travels across India and internationally addressing over 80,000 people each year, impacting thousands of young lives and churches.

His gift of leadership has enabled pastors and leaders across India to find courage and clarity to lead their ministries with integrity.

The favor of God over his life has afforded him miraculous opportunities. From speaking to college students to heads of businesses, the poor and affluent, all have been impacted by his dynamic ministry.

He is the founder and director of Get Ready Ministry and the overseer of House of Destiny churches. He makes his residence in Bangalore, India.