I’m one of those people that likes having internal conversations with myself. I do a lot of self talk. Weird as it seems, it helps me. I do several dry runs of my sermons, before I actually preach them.

Many years ago, I caught myself saying, I know God loves me but my sin is bad. My sin is really bad. Like really bad. There is no way God’s gonna bless me, let alone use me. I felt disqualified!

[pull_quote align=”left”] God does not have mood swings.[/pull_quote]

For almost 5 years now, I have ministered to the young people of this beautiful nation, I realized I was not the only one who felt like that. I heard echoes of similar emotions from hundreds, if not thousands.

In this post, I want to boast about the love of God. I want to help you understand, you qualify!

God’s love is eternal.

Unlike our friends, God does not have mood swings. He loves us with an eternal love. Which includes times when we miss the mark and fall short of His glory. Even if we are swimming in a pool of sin. God’s love and affection toward us does not change. Next time you feel disqualified, remind yourself, you are loved by God no matter what. His love will cast out all fear and rejection.

Grace > Sin.

For the longest time I thought my sin was unique and worse than others. So, I thought I was a bigger sinner. What I didn’t realize is that irrespective of the size of my sin or how gross it was. His grace is bigger. It’s bigger than any sin I have ever committed or I will ever commit in my lifetime. God’s grace is greater than any sin!

The blood of Jesus qualifies us!

While it is true that we are separated from God because of our many sins. The greater truth is we don’t have to be, the blood of Jesus qualifies us. No matter how bad our sins are the blood will wash us clean, no matter how many times we fail. He is faithful.

All we ever have to do is, call on His name. He is our ever-present help.



Now, in my conversations with myself, instead of thinking of how bad my sins are, I focus on how great God is and His power to set me free from the power of sin and guilt. Instead of staying away from Him in guilt. I run to Him, knowing, I can boldly enter the throne of grace.

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