Hello saints,

Today I want to write about something that the Spirit of God has been tugging my heart about. I want to write about faith but from a very different perspective. I want to title this article ” Faith in the Furnace“ Normally faith is associated with positivity or positive circumstances. You will hear many say if you are sick believe and you will be healed. If you have financial problems believe and your bills will be paid. I fully believe in all of the above, Iam more than persuaded that our God will supply and that our God will heal but today I want to talk about a facet of Faith that is normally ignored by many. I want to talk about the other side of Faith. I call them the trials of Faith.

Normally we associate Faith has a factor that will trigger movement from the negative aspects of Life to the positive at least from a material view point for example”some one may say “I never had a job but then I believed and now I have the best Job” Or “My business was running on low profits but I believed the Word of God now my business is making me millions”. These are amazing testimonies of Faith yet there is another face to Faith. Some times the same faith that will cause us promotion, favor & elevation will put us in circumstances that we are not comfortable in. The same faith that heals,delivers and saves will put us in places we are not happy with. We try to reason it out or logically try to solve the problem but it doesn’t make sense.

Beloved hear me well sometimes Your FAITH will put you in the FURNACE. Yes you heard me right your faith will put you in places that you don’t like. Sometimes your faith in God may cause you pain. Think of Daniel, the same Faith that granted him favor and elevation and made him a wise man in the court of a King also put him inside the Lion’s den. Consider the story of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach and abednego like Daniel the three Boys because of their Faith found Favor and enjoyed special treatment in the King’s palace yet the same Faith put them inside the FURNACE. You know Jonah’s story how his Faith took him to a place he dint want to go. He had to stay in the stinking belly of a whale for three days. God have mercy Jonah had no clue that one day his Faith will put him inside the stomach of a big fish. Think of the 1st century believers their Faith costed them their very lives. all of the of the apostles were martyred except for John the beloved . John the beloved was put inside was put inside a vessel containing boiling oil. The apostles never thought that putting their trust in this Jewish carpenter will one day cost them their lives. I know Iam touching a very sensitive issue but the fact of the matter is Christianity is about the CROSS and the cross is not a very pleasant sight. Dearly beloved, may be today you find yourself in one of these trials of Faith. May be where you are today is not very pleasant But you fake a smile when you walk into the corridors of the church almost suggesting Christians cannot have problems in life. May be your family looks down upon you because of your faith. may be Your marriage is being delayed because of your belief in Christ. What ever may be your your trail I have good news for you. If your Faith put you into the Furnace it will also bring you out of the Furnace. If your Faith put you into the Lion’s den it will also Shut the Lions Mouth. Our God will not abandon you. Your Faith will not disappoint you. The God that saved Daniel in the Lion’s den will also save you. Our God that walked with the Hebrew boys will also walk with you through your Furnace. Grace and Mercy is about to visit your life. HELP is on the WAY. Great HONOR awaits you. If you are in the furnace today I want you to know that great honor awaits you. Bishop David Oyedepo said in his Book on Faith” When Daniel came out of the Den alive can you imagine the Honor He would have got because His God had shut the Lion’s mouth” when everybody expected the Daniel to die He came out alive. When you come out of the trial you are in Greatness waits for you. Intimacy with God Trials of Faith have this tendency to draw you closer to God. It is only in the Furnace the Hebrew boys saw the fourth person. Daniel saw the power of the Almighty in a measure that it closed the mouth a hungry lion. Each champion of faith mentioned above knew God in a way that it would have been impossible to know God that way apart from the trial. If you are in a trial get ready for a fresh encounter with God. Thank you for reading this blog hope it blessed you. let me know if it has spoken to you mail me I would love to hear from you.

Get Ready

Hari Rao

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