Destiny series – Hearing God

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus,

We’ve returned from Mumbai after 2 powerful days of Ministry, thank you for your precious prayers. They are deeply appreciated. It’s been almost ten days since my return from Mumbai, we are still hearing about what God did in that place in those two days. We give Glory to Jesus.

In my last blog I briefly wrote about fulfilling God’s destiny in our life. I want to continue with that series and move onto a life changing subject HEARING GOD.

Hearing His voice will change your life.

I remember when I got saved my greatest thirst and desire was to hear God. For months together my prayers never changed I prayed one single thought “God speak to me”.

When that divine moment happened, it was life changing. I mean “it changed my life” My perspective, my lifestyle, my prayer life everything changed. You cannot hear God and remain the same. There is such love and power in His voice that everything in you will yield to His voice.

So one of the preliminary steps in fulfilling your God given destiny is Hearing God and creating an atmosphere where His voice is the loudest in your life. One of the reasons Adam and Eve missed God’s purpose in Eden was because the voice of the serpent was louder than that off God.

Has your life changed yet? It will once you hear Jesus’ voice.

Hearing His voice is a fruit of intimacy

I have been asked several times by various people how I hear God.
I personally believe hearing from God is a fruit of your walk with God and how intimate you have been with Christ. We need to invest quality time and effort in our walk with God to be able to discern His voice. In the story of Samuel and Eli, although Samuel heard the voice he could not discern if it was the Voice God But Eli was a veteran he had spent His entire life in the temple hence he could discern the Voice God easily. So build your prayer life and your walk with God.

I’d like to pause this blog here; I’m making a conscious effort to keep my posts around 500 words. But before I close this blog,

Here are few questions you can ask yourself

How much time do I spend with God’s word?
Whose voice is most prominent in my life?
How often do I hear from God?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses and comments.

Hari Rao

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