Hello Partners and Friends,

Trust you are keeping well in the Lord, We have just returned from a 3 day youth camp in Andra Pradesh. It was a joy serving the hungry people of warrangal. A life changed by the power of the Holy Spirit is the most rewarding fruit of serving Jesus.

Acts is one of my favorite books in the New Testament because there is so much of action in the book. Acts also serves as a healthy bench mark for a church and how a Christian’s lifestyle should be. If our lifestyle doesn’t reflect Acts then we are missing the best part of Christianity.

Acts 2:43
Good news Bible –
Many miracles and wonders were being done through the apostles, and everyone was filled with awe.

King James Version –
And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.

What a powerful scripture, chapter two is describing Pentecost and the events that followed Pentecost and I love the word used to describe the emotion associated with what God was doing in acts 2. The Bible says everyone was filled with AWE!!!

The first generation Christianity stirred Holy fear or Awe’ ness in the hearts of people. Folks would come to church and be in Awe of God. In the market place people were in Awe of a Christian’s life. There was something about the Church that made the world to stand in utter amazement of this new born religion called Christianity.

This is awe factor is what makes Christian life exciting.

I have to sadly admit that our 21st century church has lost the AWE factor. Think about it when was the last time you walked in to a service and you were in Awe of God or when was the last time we saw one of our pastors jump out of their fancy pulpit walked up to a lame beggar and said “silver or Gold I have none but I have I give to thee rise and walk in Jesus name”

So how do we restore this kind of power in the Church? Our expensive light shows and sound systems have failed us; our 3 point sermons do enough to help us catch up on the sleep we’ve lost during the week. Clearly the solution is not natural, so what made the church in acts so powerful was the supernatural power and presence of the HolySpirit.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit we are just another gathering of people. With out the Holy Spirit Christianity is mundane. SO WE NEED ANOTHER PENTECOST. WE NEED ANOTHER VISITAION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

If you study acts chapter 2 the circumstances that led to the First Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit was that of radical and persistent prayer. Prayer is the atmosphere that invites the Presence of Jesus. There will be no visitation if there is no prayer. So my desire for you is that you will start praying like never before. Prayer is the key for revival.Prayer is the key that will unlock the windows of heaven; prayer is the force that will make the mighty rushing wind blow again.

Since I reside in Bangalore, India. I will be joining hands in prayer with ministry leaders in Bangalore to see God move in our City on the 12 of June. You can do the same in your city and in your land. We need another Pentecost.

Those of you who are interested in joining us in Bangalore go here. We are expecting to great things.

Revival doesn’t tarry if we tarry before God
Hari Rao

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