It was a crazy morning! I woke up from the bed only to fall asleep on the dining table 2 minutes later. I lazily looked at dad helping mum with the busy morning chores and I didn’t want the lazy moment to end.

But, it did! I heard a gut wrenching scream and my heart skipped a few beats as I realized that it wasn’t my mum. It was my dad writhing in pain as I watched part of the skin on his back shrinking before my eyes.

60% of my dad’s back was burnt as boiling hot tea spilled over him. The memory still makes my eyes teary as I can’t imagine my dad in so much pain. We rushed him to hospital for immediate treatment.

But the toughest part was what followed…

I’ve always hated going into hospitals, but now I had to enter the burn injury section. It’s an extremely painful sight as you can imagine.

It was dad’s turn to go in and I was unprepared for what I was going to witness. The nurse came and removed the dressing which in itself was unbearable. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what my dad was going through.
She then took some cotton gauze and ruthlessly rubbed it over my dad’s burnt back to scrape away the burnt dead skin. I turned my back to my father as I heard him, a tough and strong cop, scream in pain.

All I could think of was how much I hated doctors and nurses and how dare they treat my father so barbarically? I had to ask her how could she be so heartless. The nurse then told me how crucial it was to scrape off the dead burnt skin for the new skin to appear!

Healing is a painful process. It requires you to expose your wounds to the doctor, allow them to examine it, touch it, put medicine that may hurt you more. It’s a process and we must go through it in order to be healed. Covered wounds may result in infection and become more dangerous than we expect them to be.

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Betrayals cripple our trust!

We all have wounds, not all of them are external, some are intrinsic and sometimes buried deep within.

When we are wounded, we become guarded and build invisible walls around our hearts and shield sensitive issues.

One wrong move, and we are ready to shut people out of our lives, sometimes we regret trusting the few we thought would understand. We have all had bitter experiences of broken trust, we have all felt doubt and fear.

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It was in one of those seasons, I felt the Lord reopening and exposing hurts, memories and heart aches, I thought I had dealt with by burying it deep inside my heart. The Lord wasn’t done with it, He wanted me to tackle it and talk it out with Him.

One morning as I sat with Him, He began to scratch my wounds through His word (It definitely felt like that). I screamed in pain, “No no! Don’t touch it” I realized I was still hurting. The wounds were still raw beneath the polished surface of praises and love. I didn’t want to expose them or let anyone touch them…not even the Lord! It hurt… a lot!

Can anyone relate? There are times when the healing process is more painful than the wound itself. Everything in me cringed at the idea of visiting past wounds again for whatever purposes…even healing!

Its in moments like this, we realize our Father accepts us as we are but loves us way too much to leave us the way we are. He gently told me “Baby, healing needs cleaning! Let’s deal with it. Let’s face it together. Talk to me!

And that… was the first step towards my healing!

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Peter was in a similar predicament, when the Lord asked him, “Do you love me?” after Peter had denied Jesus three times. The question would have scratched into the fresh wound and filled his heart with emotions of guilt, shame and pain.

He must have cried, Lord please don’t do this, why are you doing this? Peter was beginning to see, healing needs cleaning. Sometimes God reopens tombs, sure it will bring out the stink, but it will also lead to resurrection power.

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Such a joy to introduce Pooja to our blog community. Pooja loves the Lord and serves as the lead design consultant at Get Ready Ministry. Her story with God and life in general is one for the books, God is doing such a precious work in her and through her. She has been a blessing to Get Ready Ministry and to me specifically.

Happy to share a small portion of what God is doing in her life here, I’m sure you are going to be blessed.

Pooja Pipil

Project Art Editor, DK Publications

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