About Us

Who we are. What we do. Why we do it. How we do it.

Get Ready Ministry is a Christ centered mission organization founded by Evangelist Hari Rao out of obedience to God’s call to prepare this generation to meet Christ Jesus. Get Ready Ministry is focused on transforming generations by raising leaders, planting churches and hosting revival.

Since its inception in 2009 the ministry has seen tens of thousands of decisions for Christ all over the nation of India. It has trained pastors and leaders for the work of the gospel and has planted its first church in Nagpur.

The ministry has impacted over 30 cities in 7 years and equipped 100 leaders for ministry and reaches over 80,000 people each year.

Our Ministries

What do we do?

Raise Leaders

Camp of Champions (COC) was birthed with the vision to develop next generation leaders. Camp of Champions, seeks to encourage, educate and empower a generation of leaders that are called by God to dream the impossible and do the unthinkable.

Hand-picked young leaders and pastors from different parts of the country gather to seek the heart of the father to receive direction and impartation from His presence.

Plant Churches

Jesus in every home is the heartbeat of House of Destiny, planted in January of 2015 the young church has grown into a healthy missional family. It exists to champion the cause of the local church and plant missional house churches and discipleship movements across the nation.

It has its base in Nagpur under the able leadership of Pastor Shashank Patel and Shifali Patel.

Host Revival

To usher in the greatest move of the Holy Spirit, since the inception of the church is the soul desire and motive of the conference. We partner with local churches and key leaders to host Ignite conferences across different cities in India and abroad.


Our Vision

Why we do it?

To prepare this generation to meet Jesus.


We Love God

We are deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We Care For Our Generation

The love of God compels us to go and love a generation as God would.


We've Embraced Our Destiny

We believe in living out God’s highest and best as individuals, as a ministry and as a part of the Global church.

How we do things?

We pursue honor

To see God’s best in everyone and call out greatness in them.

We pursue excellence

We are hold each other accountable to pursue excellence and creativity.

We are fearless

In our pursuit of the kingdom, we have learn to take ridiculous risks.

Core Values

We value God's presence

We are presence conscious in everything we do.

We are generous

We practice radical generosity in our everyday life.

We are rooted in love

Love is the motivation behind every action, both great and small.

We are Jesus centered

Jesus is the absolute center of everything we do in life.

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