Acts of obedience

Dear friends,

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged; I have been busy with work and ministry. We had a great student meet on the 13th Feb many youngsters heard about Jesus for the first time. The greatest joy is when we minister to people that don’t know HIM. We are planning our next student meeting on the 13 of March. My website is almost done, I know I have been saying that for a while, it just needs a few tweaks here and there. I want to thank all of you who have labored in prayer and supported us.

Today I want to talk about obedience that will change your life and your generation. Through out the Bible you will find stories of acts of obedience that changed the course of History and mankind forever. All of us are called for a purpose and that purpose will make you stand out in your generation and that God given purpose has seeds of greatness in it.

Noah – the boat builder

Noah decided to build the ark even though every voice around him was negative. Goodness gracious me can you believe how it would sounded if your father woke up one day and said the world is going to end and God has called me to build a boat. If you don’t get in to the boat you will die. But you now the story the rains came everything outside the boat died everything inside the boat lived. Think of the honor God would have bestowed on Noah for his obedience. Everything in creation will rise up salute Noah because of his obedience to God because of Noah creation got another chance at this thing called LIFE.

Abraham – Father of Faith

God asked Abraham to lay down his only begotten son on an altar as a sacrifice unto him.
The good God of the Bible asking a human to lay down the only joy and pride of his life as a sacrifice, It doesn’t make sense does it? One thing is for sure God did not want to kill Isaac because if all He wanted to do was kill him He would snapped his fingers and Isaac would have perished. God probably wanted to see what the extent of Abraham’s faith is. You see Abraham was no rookie to this faith walk thing. He had left everything he had known to go to a land that he had no directions for. He took God at his Word and followed His voice. So what is the purpose of this test? I think its this!!! Before heaven reveals it’s best it will test you with your best. On that mountain when Abraham laid his son down to kill him God stops him and shows him a lamb that was caught in a thicket. There Abraham caught glimpse of God’s redemptive plan when God asked him kill the lamb instead of His son. Until God saw that Abraham was willing to lay down his son God could not reveal that One day God will lay down His son on behalf of the sons’ men. Obedience is always an act and never talk. Your obedience will cause God to reveal things to you which otherwise will be hidden from you. I hope you have caught this!!!

The Followers of Christ

Jesus said to his disciples tarry here for the power from high. History says that there were at least 500 that started out at the upper room but the bible records only 120. What happened to the rest they probably left? Thank God the 120 stayed. You know the story the Holy Spirit fell on the 120 and thus the Church of Jesus was born. Great signs and wonders followed for the next 200 years because the 120 obeyed and stayed.

Think what would have happened if Noah had disobeyed or if the disciples chose to leave the upper room without the power. I can’t imagine the picture.

Dear friend its time you obeyed the voice of God. You will never know what impact your obedience will have until you have obeyed. Go ahead follow the voice of the Holy Spirit and just do it! Your obedience can bring revival in cites and nations. Your obedience can produce wealth that can help the needy and the desperate. What ever it is that God has called you to do obey him and history will tell your story.

Hari Rao

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