All healthy relationships thrive on reciprocity. If you are a spiritual son and you have been only receiving but have never given back, then you are not a true son.

You are only in the relationship to enjoy the benefits of being attached to your spiritual father.


In this post I want to highlight 6 qualities of a true son in the Lord.

1. Sons honor their father.

I have noticed that many people have mastered the art of public praise, saying and doing the right things before their mentor.

They then go back and talk trash about him or her to their family and confidants.

Honour is a heart issue and God sees if you are truly honouring a man or not.

Many fail to realize that Honour is the bridge God uses to transfer blessings from one generation to another.

2. Sons financially sow into their father’s life.

Money is not your only mode of blessing your spiritual father.

Send them regular support as a token of appreciation for their presence in your life.

Gifts, financial support, surprises and even a thank you are all an extension of your honour and love for them. Appreciate the heart that pours into you.

3. Sons carry their father’s spiritual legacy and anointing.

A true son will function like his dad. He will emulate his character and his walk with God. Mannerisms and styles can be impersonated, but character comes from observing and walking with your mentor closely.

4. Sons cover their father’s weakness.

This is a sensitive and yet a very powerful principle. Your spiritual father is not perfect. He is human like you, fully capable of falling and making mistakes.

How you respond to him in crises reveals more about your character than his.

Be kind, sensitive and gentle when God allows you to see your mentor’s vulnerabilities.

Learn from his weakness and help him in every possible way.

Extend mercy, that mercy maybe extended to you.

5. Humility, mark of a true son.

Many of you will out-do and achieve greater successes than your spiritual father. That was Jesus’ expectation from his disciples, β€œHe said you shall do greater things…”

Success does not mean you are greater or better than your mentor/spiritual father.

You can be more anointed, decorated with greater gifts, have a bigger church and still remain a small man.

The mark of true greatness is humility in success. Β Remain humble in success.

6. Sons submit to fathers.

The difference between sons and spiritual enthusiasts is submission. Sons don’t shy away from commitment and submission to Godly authority. We live in a generation where submission is mistaken for weakness and accountability for intrusion.

Submission is not painful or controlling when you trust your spiritual father.

Finally, as spiritual children, we must realise that our spiritual covering is ineffective if we are not willing to submit and allow our mentor to speak into our lives.

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