There are several ways to guard against a burn out or moral failure. At the outset let me start by reassuring you that it is possible to finish well. We can live the purposes of God without a fall.

God is able to preserve that which we have committed to His hands. In this post I want to share some basic principles all ministers must follow to remain faithful before God and man.

Get a mentor!

To find a Godly mentor is one of the greatest blessings in life. To have spiritual covering and authority over your life is one of the easier ways to guard your heart from the deceptive ways of the enemy. I have been able share my fears, doubts and vulnerabilities with my mentor. He has gently and sometimes with sternness guided me through murky waters.

Most leaders mess up after a great start because they think they have outgrown their mentor and now are too big to be mentored by anyone.  Pride goes before a fall. God places authority over our lives, to rebel against it, is to say I can do it without God’s help.

Stay 100% transparent and honest to your spouse.

Concealing is dangerous in marriage. Make it a habit to openly discuss and share everything with your spouse. Establish trust and sustain it. In the rare occasions when you fall short of your spouse’s expectations be honest and expose your failure.

Marriage is designed to help each other through their weakness and not merely impress each other.




Build a strong foundation. 

Overnight success is dangerous in ministry. Because it does not give you the opportunity to fail at small things and learn from them.

Get your basics right! Go through theological training to avoid doctrinal errors. Never ignore your personal prayer time and Bible study. It is astonishing to see, spiritual giants not follow basic Christian principles like love your neighbours. A firm foundation will ensure a firm future.

Manage finances with integrity and fear of God.

It is frightening to see what extent preachers will stoop to, to get money.  I believe in prosperity and the blessing of The Lord. But I’m weary and anxious of the methods men of God employ to get money.

Raise funds in a honourable way. Manage your finances with integrity. Do not try to conceal or cheat. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Local church accountability.

This applies more to travelling evangelists, worship leaders and Bible teachers. Attendance and supporting the vision of a local church is important. Being a part of a local community of believers helps not only in accountability but help in times of crisis.

God did not intend for us to be lone rangers or superheroes who show up on the pulpit and disappear the minute after ministry.

Choose your friends and heroes prayerfully. 

I have seen well meaning believers and even some leaders go astray purely because they chose a set of people  who negatively influenced their thinking, values and decision making.

I do not mean to say that we ought to ostracise or neglect anybody.  But it’s safe for me to assume  that some people influence us in a positive way and the rest may not.  The voice you allow in your head, is the voice that will influence you. All the serpent needed was Eve’s attention and ears. The rest is history. Guard your heart, what goes in will eventually come out.

Be prayerful about your friends and acquaintance in ministry.
Take your time to know them. Quality friendships take time.

Can you think of any other ways we can guard our lives. Share in the comment section. I love to read your comments.

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