In my last three speaking engagements, the Lord has been leading me to speak about “Celebrating the Presence and the Voice of God in our lives”. So today I want to bring forth to you brief extracts of what has been on my mind and in my heart.

God likes it when we celebrate Him
One of the reasons why the people of Israel never made it out of wilderness was due to their constant attitude of complaining. They would often say “Oh! The food is better in Egypt, Moses! Have you got us out here to kill us with bitter water? Oh, how we wish we never left Egypt!” Instead of celebrating the supernatural providence of God, they compared it with their life of bondage in Egypt. I’m convinced in my mind that God enjoys our celebration more than our complaining.
Imagine what could have happened if the nation of Israel celebrated God, His voice, the presence of a Cloud of Glory and the Pillar of fire. I wonder if this would have accelerated their transition into the Promised Land.

Celebration is the key to increase

Celebrating something that God is doing in our life positions us for increase in our lives. I remember I was in such awe of His voice, when I heard it the first time. I began to thank Him for it. In the weeks to follow His voice became clearer and more specific. Sadly, there have been blessings that I chose to ignore and they eventually diminished from my life.

Celebration kills comparison and jealousy

Celebrating what God is doing in your life keeps you from comparing yourself to other people. You are no longer jealous of somebody else’s blessings and progress. Instead of complaining about others, you will find yourself thanking God for them as well. Ah! Now isn’t that a nice place to be?

Celebration attracts God’s presence

Remember the verse that tells us God inhabits the praises of His people. I think God likes being around people that love Him and celebrate Him. Think about it, would you go and live with a friend that constantly tells you what a terrible person you are? How you are an absolute waste of life? No, right? Similarly God’s manifest presence is with people that celebrate Him. He will stay where He is most welcome.

Love Celebrates

I’m sure most of you have fallen in love at least once in your lifetime. Isn’t it amazing that when you are in love, you celebrate every small detail about the other person. You pay compliments, you appreciate their effort in performing a chore and you take time to notice their makeup, their sense of dressing and so on. I think this culture should be extended to our walk with God where we would take the time to love God and celebrate Him. I think we should take time to tell how awesome and mighty He is.


What areas of life do you find yourself constantly complaining about? How many times in a day you take time to celebrate God?

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