Dear partner/friend,

Today’s post in some sense is aimed at giving us a surface level understanding of the qualities we need to look for in a mentor, remember these are just pointers and that there is so much more to consider.

Here goes…

1. Does he have a father’s heart
2. Is he generous
3. Is he Secure as a leader or mentor
4. Is he spiritually discerning
5. practical wisdom

Father’s heart

If there is one thing young leaders lack in this generation it is genuine mentors with a father’s heart. As an army of young people are rising I deeply sense the lack of Godly mentors who will lead this army with a father spirit. Jesus is the epitome of such leadership. His love for His disciples was so great that they were willing to die for Him. As young leaders we need to understand many can correct us and encourage but not all can be father figures in our life. See if you can be a son to your mentor and if your mentor can be father to you.

I also want take this moment to thank all those precious leaders who are genuinely interested in the younger generation and are pouring their hearts out to see us blessed.


This may seem out of place or the last quality we may think of while choosing a mentor but let me bring to your notice why this quality is important. Always remember when you allow a man of God or a leader to speak over your life there will always be transference of anointing. So if you are mentored by a stingy person the probability is high that you will turn out to be a stingy leader yourself. We need mentors that are generous with their time, wisdom, resources, and prayers.

Secure as a leader!!!

Man this is a big one; so many God given relationships are destroyed and abused because the mentor in the relationship is insecure about himself. Especially so if his students are experiencing tremendous growth and favor. Jesus was so secure in His role that he said to His disciples “you will do greater things than I did.”

I love the Eli – Samuel relationship because Eli did not have ego issues hearing the word of the Lord from Samuel who was His spiritual son.

On the other hand Saul was so threatened by David’s growth and fame that he tried killing Him several times.

Discerning in the Spirit

I personally think this is very very important because when we study the scriptures you will find all great mentors were spiritually sensitive. If we have spiritually undiscerning mentors they will never be able to prophetically speak over our lives. Jesus he was so sensitive in the Spirit that he never missed a move. He knew exactly what to do when with the disciples. He knew when to love, rebuke, encourage, pray, motivate, empower etc etc


I can give you details of countless lives and families that were severely marred because of the unwise and unpractical advice given by so called leaders/spiritual mentors to their innocent students. A true God given mentor will excel in wisdom; a mentor who walks with God is full of wisdom. Please be cautious. Choose and obey a wise mentor.

There are several other qualities that make a godly mentor, more of that on a latter post. I Encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions and feedback about this post with me. I think it’s a vital subject

at His service
Hari Rao

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