Rejection can produce intimacy with God

Psalm 34:18 ESV
[18] The LORD is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

The rejection of man draws God’s favour. He is close to those who are hurting and in pain. He is God of the broken people. I think it’s Kathryn Kuhlman who once said, “all God has are broken people”.

It’s when everyone has said no to us, we look to the One that will never reject us.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”] It’s when everyone has said no to us, we look to the one that will never reject us.[/tweetthis]

Rejection leads to divine promotion

Consider the life of Joseph, if his brothers didn’t reject him, he would have never made it to Egypt and eventually become the second most powerful person in the country.

God uses the rejection of man to promote you into your destiny.

Rejection often leads to fresh direction

Thank God some doors are shut forever, because they become the reason for new and greater doors.

The power of shut doors is that it demands us to look in another direction.

Rejection is the womb of new beginnings. God uses rejection to birth fresh starts.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”]God uses the rejection of man to promote you into your destiny.[/tweetthis]

Rejection makes us relevant in a hurting world

In order for us to be effective in a hurting world, we must have swallowed the bitter pill of pain and rejection. It’s only in the arms of a compassionate and empathetic church will a hurting and bleeding world find hope.

Rejection affords us opportunities to demonstrate Christ-like character

Imagine Stephen, an entire city rejected him and his message and now he is being stoned like a criminal in the center of the city. Instead of cursing them and wanting them to die, he is praying for their forgiveness.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”]
Rejection is the womb of new beginnings, God uses rejection to birth fresh starts.[/tweetthis]

What a testament to the transformative power of God! I strongly believe that people are profoundly moved not so much by our victories alone, but by our response to pain and tragedy.

Let God strengthen you to love and forgive like Christ.

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