There are 4 sources for prophecy, in this post we will briefly visit each of them.

1) The demonic realm – Any source, influence or inspiration that has its roots outside of God.

Leaning on sources that are beyond scripture and the personal witness of the Holy Spirit for direction, guidance or foresight can be very detrimental to one’s walk with God and life in general. It’s so critical that the Bible has explicit warnings about it.

Leviticus 19:31,
“Don’t dabble in the occult or traffic with mediums; you’ll pollute your souls. I am God, your God.

Some examples of this is consulting astrologers, star-signs, tarot cards, calling on mediums etc. The list is not exhaustive by any stretch of imagination, but if you have depended on or used any of these avenues in the past even if it is just for fun, I recommend you prayerfully renounce anything you may have received from these sources.

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2) The human heart – this is often a person mistaking their desires and emotions to be the voice of God and thus, the imaginations of one’s heart project itself as God’s voice and will.

This is usually noticed in young believers in the Lord and they often don’t mean harm or guile. As they continue to mature in God and submit to a community of elders, the human heart submits to the voice of God and they realize the roots of their prophecy.

Things begin to take a grave turn, when a person refuses to see the difference between God’s voice and mere emotional gibber. The problem is only escalated if the person is in a place of leadership. This can easily lead to abuse and cause pain.

People who mistake their hearts desire and emotions with God’s will have a poor track record of their prophecies actually coming true.

[tweetthis url=”” twitter_handles=”@hariraopawar”]People who mistake their hearts desire with God’s will have a poor track record in accuracy.[/tweetthis]

Jeremiah the prophet had this to say to self-appointed prophets.

Jeremiah 23:16,
“Don’t listen to the sermons of the prophets. It’s all hot air. Lies, lies, and more lies. They make it all up. Not a word they speak comes from me.

The only cure for someone who is in this delusion is accountability. The person has to find a community of people to whom he/she can become accountable to and check, process and validate every word of prophecy the person utters.

3) The Spirit of God – The great comforter, the Holy Spirit is the only true source of prophecy.

2 Peter 1:19-21
” …For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

Genuine prophecy has its source in the Holy Spirit. He speaks to redeem, heal, correct, encourage and lead.

4 characteristics of genuine prophecy:

a. Genuine Prophecy is Accurate – If someone claims it’s a word from God, it better come to pass.
b. Genuine Prophecy is based in Love – God isn’t trying to bring condemnation or guilt you through prophecy. It’s always rooted in Love.
c. Does not contradict scripture- The true gift of prophecy will never contradict scripture.
d. It has the God factor in it – Calling out the best in us and enabling us to live to our highest potential.

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4. The Scripture – The Bible is a prophetic book, it’s the voice of God in text. It’s the lens we need to use to look at all prophecies. We must look at all prophecies and prophetic utterances in light of the word of God. Often the Holy Spirit can illuminate a particular scripture and use it as a word of prophecy to the reader.

When all human voices fail, the Bible will still stand tall as the voice of God.

It’s my prayer that the church will come to a place of maturity, because the prophetic gift is a real asset to the body of Christ and every individual believer.

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