3 things that changed my prayer life

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Christian Life | 5 comments

When, I was first introduced to Christ and the church life. I soon understood that Prayer was a huge part of being connected to a church. I did not know how to pray, I honestly did not. It was just too complicated for me. I was born in a Hindu family and prayers were different in that faith.

Once, a friend’s mother was talking to me and she said “Talk to God as if He were your dad” and I took her for her word. That was my first lesson in prayer, and boy! has it changed my life. So there I was talking to thin air with child like faith and calling the God of the Bible “Father God”. Over a period of time, I grew in prayer and relationship with God and prayer took on more powerful and meaningful estate. It’s been several years, I still start my prayers with “Father God” and it gets more beautiful each time. If you are new to praying start by calling Him dad.

If you have been long enough in church, you would have noticed how people tend to look at prayer as performance. They think if you pray a certain way you are likely to get more results. The louder you are the more anointed your prayer is. My second lesson in prayer came when a guest speaker at church made this statement “the power of prayer is not in the person praying but in the person hearing your prayer”.

Prayer is not performance. It’s communion. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are not fit to pray. That’s a lie. Our prayers are great because we believe in a great God.

Lastly, prayer is intimate. Set some time aside each day to talk to the lover of your soul. Add value to your prayer time by shutting your self off from everything else. When you honor God with your time He will honor you with His presence.

Some ideas and suggestions:

  • Try and pray at different intervals during the day
  • Go on prayer walks
  • Use scripture to fuel your prayer
  • Pray in groups
  • Pray in unknown tongues

Do you have any other ideas or suggestion on prayer?

I love hearing from you. Leave a note in the comments section below.

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